At MSHS we know that not all students learn at the same pace and that some students can learn faster than others. We understand that some students need to be challenged and offered opportunities to be extended in some, or all of their subjects.

What do we do?

At Mareeba State High School we cater for high potential students in a variety of ways. 

  • Enrichment programs run throughout the year
  • Acceleration is available for exceptional students
  • Distance Education options for students who wish to study extra subjects or pursue a particular course of study
  • Workshops for high-performing students are provided in Maths, English and Social Science
  • Extension opportunities are provided in most subject areas with streaming in some subjects in Junior school
  • Early University Entrance is for interested students with demonstrated needs for this option
  • Monitor student results and mentor them to keep them on track to succeed

How do we do it?

Once a student is enrolled at Mareeba SHS, we use a range of measures to identify those students who will most benefit from our enrichment programs. NAPLAN testing is also providing data which can identify our high potential students. 
Parents know their child best of all, and when they tell us that their child has special interests and abilities, we listen and do our best to provide for their individual needs. Teachers recognise students with special abilities and encourage them to participate in those activities and opportunities offered by the school which best suits their needs and abilities.

Opportunities for Enrichment
Enrichment is the provision of extra-curricular activities which students can access in their lunch hours or as offered. At Mareeba SHS, these activities are available to all students who wish to be involved and include: 
  • Chess Club, Speakers Anonymous Club, Debating Workshops, Public Speaking, Readers Cup, Interact Club and Robotics
  • ICAS Competitions in English, Writing, Computer Skills, Maths and Science
  • Competitions including Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition, many writing competitions, and competitions in Maths, Science, Manual Arts, Business Skills and Performing Arts. 
  • Digital Showcase, Certificate courses in IT, Technlogy Bootcamp, Girls in IT program
  • School concert, ANZAC Day, Multicultural and Rodeo parades, Musical, Tablelands Young Performers and much more
  • Opportunities to participate in the RACI Chemical Titration Competition, to attend Youth Parliament Week, Cairns Schools Constitutional Convention, United Nations Youth Conference, Eureka Science Prize, Somerset Literature Prize, Australian Government History Prize, Asia Wise, National Geography Competition and many more are offered throughout the year. 

Opportunities for Extension

  • Students in both Maths and Science have the opportunity to access extension classes in Years 9 and 10 on a merit basis
  • A Maths Excellence Camp is held annually for high ability Year 9 students
  • Other subjects offer students the chance to work at their ability level through in-class extension and specific extension units. Renewed emphasis has been placed on differentiating the curriculum for all of our students
  • Workshops designed to extend high achieving students are offered - Writer's Workshop, Visiting Mathematician, Debating Workshop, Visiting Chef and more.
  • Many opportunities are given for students to build a quality resume and attend quality programs at State and National level. Students are mentored through application procedures for such opportunities as Peter Doherty Outstanding Senior Science Student Award - awarded to only 10 students across the State - Mareeba SHS students have achieved this twice since 2010, Brain Bee Challenge (MSHS students have reached the State Final every year since 2008), Young Scholars at UQ, FEAST at UQ & more.
  • Mareeba State High School's award-winning leadership program is recognised as turning out high quality young leaders ready to take their place as leaders in the academic world, the workplace and in the community.

Curriculum Extension Facilitator
Stefanie Prizmic has 10 years classroom experience. She is a qualified Business and Mathematics teacher with a passion for numeracy. Stefanie has a strong interest in providing a range of learning experiences to cater for all students and seeing them reach their full potential. To contact Stefanie, please phone (07) 4086 2777 or email

Last reviewed 18 November 2021
Last updated 18 November 2021